Full stack Javascript Software Developer(ReactJS, NodeJS)

Who are we looking for:

A Full Stack JavaScript Developer, React, and NodeJS with good knowledge of mongoDB. This individual will make a significant contribution to our sophisticated platform.

Your responsilities are:

  • Implementing a robust set of APIs to power our web/mobile applications.
  • Translate UI/UX wireframes to visual reactJS elements.
  • Integrate the front-end and back-end aspects of the web application by developing/invoking RESTful API services.


  • Proficient in building Frontend web applications with ReactJS, Redux, Webpack, HTML, and CSS
  • 1+ years of relevant experience
  • Good Understanding of new JavaScript functional components like Promises, async-await
  • Proficient in building Robust Backend with NodeJS and ExpressJS
  • Proficient in using Linux Bash commands & understanding of version control tools like Git.
  • Background in building, maintaining, and shipping sophisticated enterprise software systems through multiple release cycles, especially through upgrades.

Good to have:

  • Understanding of time-series
  • Understanding of Influxdb and TICK stack
  • Knowledge about Chart libraries like D3 JS, DC JS, Leaflet
  • Understanding of Realtime-Caching key value stores like Redis
  • Big plus if you have past development experience, especially in B2B/ SaaS platforms/ Monitoring Dashboards development/ Scientific Algorithm Implementation/ railway Industry

Mentality Requirements:

  • You are curious about technology & science. (You gotta be a geek like us)
  • Team work matters more than individual work.
  • Sharing and debating ideas to get to the right answer is important to you.
  • You seek to act and don’t wait to be told.
  • You like to teach those around you.
  • You work hard and you also have passions outside of work that enrich your life.

Why you’ll love working here:

PANTOhealth is a fast-growing startup with idea to disrupt the maintenace of railway industry. We have a hard working, fast, collaborative and intimate team and we encourage personal along company growth. Other advantages are:

  • Possibility to work fully remote on flexible time frame
  • Working with some of the best engineers in industry and opportunity to learn best practices in software and hardware development
  • Being very first employee of PANTOhealth and benefit of our early incentive plan

PANTOhealth is a Zebra startup with goals of:

  • Sustainability and greener future 
  • Gender and race equality 
  • Being a flat organization and remaining flat where every employee feel ownership of his/her responsibilities.

If you are interested, please contact info@pantohealth.com