The first installation of PANTOsys on the train

PANTOsystem is a combination of hardware and software which are designed to install on the train’s pantograph. This product collects data (acceleration, temperature, location, and features of the video/video per customer’s request) from pantograph and catenary and sends to the server. The collected data will be analyzed via Machine Learning algorithms. Later, the system can estimate the trend of damages and predict the maintenance plan for pantograph and catenary utilizing these analytics. The main service of this business is the monitoring reports and predictive maintenance plan for both pantograph and catenary. Based on the results of this product, the train operator will be aware of the best time of repairing of the pantograph or replacement of its components. The infrastructure manager will be aware of the quality of infrastructure and also the optimum maintenance plan (time and type of maintenance operation).

The structure of PANTOsys

The hardware of the proposed product includes; PANTOsens: four accelerometer sensors,
PANTOboard: data accusation board, PANTOcam: camera + mainboard + one accelerometer, PANTOtrig: mechanical trigger (Not available in this version). The acceleration signals of collector head of pantograph are sending to PANTOboard and then send to the PANTOcam via a wireless connection. The PANTOcam acts as an intermediate device for sending the data collected from these units to the server for further processing. In parallel, the recorded movie from the pantograph is processed and geometric feature of the catenary is extracted as well.

We are looking for our second pilot project, so if you are interested to have a tour in our monitoring platform or have PANTOsys on your train, please contact us: