Predictive Maintenance of pantograph and catenary

the course includ 4X2 hr sessinons with 30 min brake between sessions.

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After this workshop, you will know:

What is corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance in this topic?
The tools and methods to enable predictive maintenance.
Effect of predictive maintenance in sustainability.

Measurement pantograph and their application in maintenance
What else can be extracted from collected data by measurement trains
The essential hints to use standards EN 50317: 2012 and EN 50318: 2018

The required parameter for simulation and some applications of simulation,
The available models for simulation


Dr-Ing Farzad Vesali
PhD, Rolling stock Eng.
Co-Founder PANTOhealth GmbH
Specialist in pantograph catenary interaction and simulation

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Requirement for this course:

✓ Good understanding of Pantograph and Catenary interaction
✓ Good understanding of current maintenance plans in your organization
✓ B1 English level
✓ Good sense of humor!

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Technische Universtität Berlin Abteilung V – Forschung, Centre
for Entrepreneurship c/o PANTOhealth Hardenbergstr. 38, Sekr.
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