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Dr. Farzad Vesali


Dr. Mina Kolagar

Resources manager

Amir Bashari

Product Manager

Morteza Nokhodian

Technology Manager

Established in 2019, PANTOhealth is a digital solution and overhead line predictive maintenance company specializing in railway systems. Our primary objective is to enhance and improve overhead line maintenance by delivering innovative and efficient maintenance and monitoring solutions. Since 2019, we've engaged in different projects with railway companies in Europe, solidifying our expertise in the field and offering our solution. At the core of PANTOhealth's solution is that we predict the future of overhead line management lies in smart and predictive maintenance practices. Our approach aims to save significant time, energy, and costs and proactively prevent potentially expensive damages. We believe in the transformative power of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance the reliability and sustainability of railway infrastructures. As we stride into the future, PANTOhealth remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in railway maintenance solutions with the help of recent technologies, including AI.




Bismarckstraße 10-12 10625 Berlin Germany
  • Trade register: HRB 225743
  • Local court: Berlin (Charlottenburg)
  • Address: Bismarckstraße, 10-12 10625, Berlin, Germany 
  • VAT number: DE340585511
  • Authorized managing director: Dr. Farzad Vesali
  • Classification according to NACE Rev. 2 (2008): 2651