PANTOsystem is a combination of hardware and software which are designed to install on the train’s pantograph. This product collects data (acceleration, temperature, location, and features of the video/video per customer’s request) from pantograph and catenary and sends to the server. The collected data will be analyzed via Machine Learning algorithms. Later, the system can estimate the trend of damages and predict the maintenance plan for pantograph and catenary utilizing these analytics. The main service of this business is the monitoring reports and predictive maintenance plan for both pantograph and catenary. Based on the results of this product, the train operator will be aware of the best time of repairing of the pantograph or replacement of its components. The infrastructure manager will be aware of the quality of infrastructure and also the optimum maintenance plan (time and type of maintenance operation).

The data acquisition board over the pantograph frame which collects data from the sensors and sends to PANTOcam

The PANTOboard will be installed on the pantograph frame where the distance between PANTOboard and PANTOcam is optimum. Because the NRF connection works better when this distance will be minimum. On the other hand, there are 3 groups that will be connected to the PANTOboard. Sensors, the limit-switch, and the power supply.

Hardware with mainboard, and camera which will be installed on the train’s roof

The PANTOcam measures other parameters, including one additional accelerometer inside it and GPS, temperature, train current and train speed via the sample rate and other parameters mentioned in the measurement configuration. This data will be labeled “GPS family data” and sent to the server

PANTOsens is installed on the head of Pantograph as an accelerometer for PANTOboard. PANTOsens box contains two aluminum parts.

1- base (gold): a flexible fitting to install pantograph carbon strip 2-cover (black): includes an electronic board, one gland for acceleration cable

The data acquisition board over the pantograph frame which collects data from the PANTOsens and sends to PANTOcam

Wind-Turbine contains an electrical motor with an appropriate blade. Wind-Turbine will install on the pantograph structure independently as well. There is a control circuit for stabilizing power from wind turbine to battery.


After measuring data by the PANTOsystem, This data will be labeled “GPS family data” and sent to the server. Users can see these data on a web platform which name is PANTOpanel.

PANTOpanel is a web platform for a user to see data and receive reports from devices. PANTOpanel is designed for the user to find the answer to bellow question:

• What is the problem? • Where is the problem? • When is the best time to maintenance before any further damage? PANTOpanel considers problems in interaction between the pantograph and overhead line such as Overhead lines drop, Zigzag overrun, Severe impact, Wearing, Pantograph dynamic problems, and so on. User can see introductory videos in the critical location where is defects as well.