30% of the railway engineers are doing pantograph catenary simulation for fun!!! 😀
In our webinar “Advantage of the simulation of pantograph and catenary system” we had a little bit of humour as one of our possible answers in our poll and it led to this!

In this page, you will hear about some of our funny projects to have a better sense of pantograph and catenary.

Static simulation of landing Shaun the sheep on catenary.

accurate static calculation based on analytical solution

Q: What would happen if Shaun the sheep (23.5kg) sits on the Re 330 catenary in Germany?
A: 98mm deflection


Visualization and simulation Solution

The operator sees the 360 videos of the pantograph and catenary. The vibration of the contact point of pantograph and catenary is simulation via the small vibrator. The operator can feel the quality of catenary both in the design phase and operation phase.

How to make a desktop pantograph?

The train pantograph is a one DOF linkage which grantee the horizontal position of collector strip and also a uniform uplift force in all levels of its working range. if you are about to make a small pantograph for yourself, these numbers and dimensions will help you.

the useful dimension to make a small pantograph