PANTOsim is a simulation as a service platform that can generate and solve the governed differential equation of any type of catenary and pantograph. The solution methods are neither FEM nor FDM, but Analytical solution. More information is available in the following paper.

simulation of the dynamic interaction of rail vehicle pantograph and catenary through a modal approach

Electric trains rely on the pantograph and the overhead catenary system (OCS) to receive energy from the power main lines. The purpose of this article is to elaborate on the simulation of pantograph and catenary dynamic interaction. The main feature of this method is using a fast analytical approach in order to simulate the entire catenary and to avoid using the finite element method. This method is making use of system vibration modes. Therefore, vital phenomenon such as wave propagation and reflections can also be simulated. Additionally, droppers under compression are simulated as buckled columns that can endure a certain amount of compression forces. Inclusion of the proper OCS initial conditions is also a unique add on to this procedure. Evaluation of both static and dynamic responses of the catenary is by comparing with the results from some other available software programs. Validation of the results is according to EN 50318: 2018 standard document.

The analytical procedure for the simulation of the dynamic interaction between the pantograph and catenary through a modal approach that is elaborated on in the prior sections of this report is put together to produce a software that can be used for practical purposes.

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