Accuracy of simulation

No. of the reported problem
in the Catenary

km of monitoring

Online Monitoring

PANTOsys is a combination of sensors and camera to be installed on the train to collect data and present it in a user-friendly platform.

Time-Based simulation

PANTOsim (Pantograph simulation) is our analytical simulation software which simulates the interaction of pantograph and catenary. This software has a unique feature to simulate the effect of tension loss or broked dropper in the interaction of pantograph and catenary.

Normal inspection

The platform is compatible to receive data from another data resource for example the measurement trains or the way-side inspection systems. So fare, the generated signals by the measurement pantograph of DB Systemtechnik can be added to the platform.

Pulse diagnosis

A mechanical pulse is sent to the pantograph, by a trigger, when the pantograph is rising. The response pulse is measured by accelerometer. Then, the natural frequencies of the pantograph are measured, and any damage in the suspension system and joints of pantograph can be detected.


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When a solution makes a new problem! Thermal ice melting of the contact wire locks the tension wheels in the tunnels and causes high tension.

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Pantograph & catenary interaction: wave reflection at the end spans of a mechanical section and pantographs contact quality.

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