How Is AI Transforming the Railway Industry? The Benefits of AI for Predictive Maintenance
PANTOhealthTrako 2021
Precise position in predictive maintenance of infrastructure is just an option or a key point?
PANTOhealth Railway summit 2021
Can you feel a Pantograph? No, but elephants can!
When a solution makes a new problem! Thermal ice melting of the contact wire locks the tension wheels in the tunnels and causes high tension.
Pantograph & catenary interaction: wave reflection at the end spans of a mechanical section and pantographs contact quality.
Transportation sector, the pioneer in predictive maintenance 4.0
Which one is more critical? tension loss in contact wire or messenger (catenary) cable
“value-chain-wide” digitization of rolling-stock and railway infrastructures: prerequisite, prosperity and challenges

PANTOhealth Railway summit 2021

PANTOhralth is proud to be among sponsors of the International Railway Summit, an event that gathers key customers and carefully selected technical experts of railways industry together.

The 10th edition (IRS10) of the summit will be held online on 23-26 February.

The unique opportunity that this summit provide is matching buyers’ project requirements with experts’ solutions and organize one-to-one meetings among them. In addition, full 3-day conferences given by key industry leaders and experts will be held in summit which make it a unique opportunity to get updated about trends and roadmaps of industry giants. There is as well speed networking, VIP lounges, and live chat where attendees can meet one another and exchange ideas.

The aim of Startups like PANTOhealth to attend such events is not only to sell our product and service, more importantly, it’s introducing a vision to the future of the rail industry. A vision to create awareness of the importance of technology in the future of railway for more sustainable transport.

In this summit, PANTOhealth will introduce the five-pillars of comprehensive Predictive maintenance and explain the achievements of ongoing projects. We are looking forward to meeting you in the summit and if you are interested to know more, we arrange a one-to-one meeting to discuss our vision and our products with you in the following link.

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