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Developing predictive maintenance plans for overhead lines
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Developing predictive maintenance plans for overhead lines

PANTOhealth Pro FIT project co-dunded by the European union

At PANTOhealth, we are excited to share our project under the ProFIT funding program which is developing predictive maintenance plans for overhead lines and it is supported by Investltlonsbank Berlin. This project aims to transform the maintenance of electric railroad infrastructure by reducing costs and enhancing train safety and punctuality.

The PANTOhealth solution includes two key components. First, monitoring hardware (IoT devices) will be installed to collect real-time data from the railroad infrastructure continuously. Second, a digital twin of the interaction between train and infrastructure. A digital twin is a simulation engine based on a mathematical model that generates synthetic data. 

Synthetic data is the simulated behavior of the overhead line and pantograph under different conditions with a passing train. This combined data will enable us to predict potential issues and carry out timely maintenance.

Our main approach aims to improve the infrastructure maintenance, ensuring safer, more reliable, and cost-effective operations. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting path funded by the Pro FIT project. 

For further information, please contact us at Join us on this journey towards a more innovative and more efficient railway system. 

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